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[Electric contest] arena of contest of world electron athletics is placed into Z
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Player Wang Xin and demon animal We.Sky of 3 worlds champion

Mobile spot

On June 7, hold by ACONX promoting skill, game institute and Guangzhou SOFT TRADING assist do " total champion of CS of 2005 ACON5 world and demon animal 3 worlds champion meets meeting " experience in game of Beijing ZhongGuanCun sea otter the center is hot undertake. Shared hundreds audience to attend to meet this meeting.

The Virtus.pro that comes from Russia when total champion of CS of ACON5 whole world and demon animal the We.Sky(China of 3 worlds champion) walked along initiate field to cause disturbance and a long enthusiastic applause immediately.

The Virtus.Pro of Russia and the SKY that come from China are contests of 5 game of ACON5 whole world that end in Xi'an current ACON5 is obtained to fear animal of total champion of elite whole world, demon instead on total final of 3 worlds champion, they this arrival the times attention that gets game player. In begin ceremonially, the leader of institute of ACONX promoting skill, game and SOFT TRADING expressed to be opposite the attention of facilities of sports of our country electron, the game industry that each just are willing to be China from his career angle provides a help.

After begin ceremony, began the friendship challenge of world champion and game player. It is demon animal above all Sky of 3 worlds champion and in last weekend the champion that choose of game player challenge comes out -- the Wang Xin that comes from game institute had demon animal pair of battle of 3, sky won this contest finally by right of deep actual strength. In the CS decisive battle that the associated battle group that forms in institute of group of Russia Virtus.pro battle and Beijing sports university, game has, virtus.pro exhibits the elegant demeanour of champion band likewise, won the victory of the match.

The CS of CEG Beijing delegation and Virtus.pro battle group is right definitely in, adversary of Qi Feng of two battle group, the ability that receive fine, hit be concerned about divides almost the same ceaselessly, hard. Whole game it may be said is wonderful and unusual, cause the enthusiastic applause of spot audience ceaselessly. Final and bilateral battle became draw, handclasp make peace.

During the field in the match rests, game institute and center of ACONX game experience announced strategic collaboration intention. Both sides reachs strategic cooperation agreement, express mutual in a series of relevant activities henceforth support, resource is shared. Game of sea otter of ACONX promoting skill experiences two kinds to the collaboration of center and game institute is brand-new the serves a concept union of configuration, both sides expresses, will experience with ACONX game the center is held for base henceforth a series of groom with game, major relevant activity, the game industry that is stimulative electron athletics and our country jointly grows and try hard. This ACON5 world total champion meets meeting, the first time that is game institute and center of experience of game of sea otter of ACONX promoting skill cooperates.
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