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Now with " the baby in the palm " make an appointment to be in romantic winter d
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The wintry day that deducing romantic romance increased warmth one minute than in former years it seems that, that long-unseen feeling around beside, make an appointment to experience that blue sky and white cloud in this argent season together with her...

When remembering wet behind the ears, that paragraph of past swarms into my brain in this season again, forever brand is in the sort of snow-white color of wintry day in the heart.

Spent how many on November 11, have how many night, accompany have loneliness only, that frozen night ases if to also be in the reminds this one loneliness day of hour.

Come back from PUB, Office, our comrades, we together with " the baby in the palm " make an appointment to be in this romantic winter day, forget that hover to pester the feeling that can't bear in your heart, return the world of ourselves together with us! Let us be acquainted here, the mobile phone that takes you joins our procession, go angle your true romantic winter day.

" the baby in the palm " the line goes up eventually in looking forward to, experienced a certain number of day and night, we at long last inside measure an account to extend in everybody's hand, client end already set download point at big website and each WAP station, announce as follows first:

Sina Games.sina.com.cn/m/n/2005-10-28/1615130826.shtml

Www.popsoft.com/download/DownloadItem.aspx of masses play network? DID=3943

GAME1313 Www.game1313.com/gamedown/gdinfo.asp? Id=7720 (supports WAP to download)