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Culture ministry: PK kind game will say to minor " not "
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On the forum of culture of Sino-South Korean day that held in Chengdu a few days ago, market of culture ministry culture manages Song Jihui reiterated our country will execute network game real name to make, especially PK kind experienced class game will say to minor " not " determination.

This year in August, chinese culture ministry and MII combination allotted " a certain number of opinions that develop about network game and manage " . The regulation is made clear in the opinion, will raise network game to manage admittance doorsill, execute network game real name to make, examine game content strictly, adopt a series of measure to undertake be rectifyinged energetically to the network culture market of our country.

PK is the abbreviate of l of l of i of k of   of r of e of y of a of English p l , show the player is playing the action such as an eccentric person of the kill in game process, mutual battle, this kind of game contains violent content commonly, the player can rely on PK to upgrade only. Wallow in to prevent minor among them, governmental demand, PK kind experienced class game (support PK will raise level) ought to login through Id, execute real name game system, reject minor to land enter. It is reported, MII is making relevant trade compulsive standard, in order to assure this one institution fulfil.