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Big bowl EA combines NMG to announce label of new play music
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EA week 5 announce, they and collaboration of Nettwerk Music Group comprised EA Recordings, this is the brand with new EA, the digital music that it is EA issues trade mark. EA has the musical work of many complete copyright, EA Recordings will issue those who make these music trade mark henceforth. Extend the music that the form has mobile phone ring, Mp3 and online download, EA general waits platform a moment to publish music through Apple ITunes, MSN, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Rhapsody.

The mark of this paper agreement that EA and Nettwerk Music Group sign wears two to reach a kind of consensus, it is philharmonic and game players logarithm word music is having joint pursuit. EA also is the game company that group of on the world first as top class as the whole world music signs exclusive agreement to publish music.

Additional, EA still signs an agreement with Cherry Lane Music Publishing, cherry Lane Music Publishing is in charge of the music EA be being used in TV, film and commercial domain. The agreement of EA and Nettwerk Music Group is confined to the online music that faces consumer directly to sell.

In 20 years of in the past, EA has overall length to spend the music that exceeds complete copyright of 3000 minutes in all, these music are used in all sorts of game with subordinate EA, for instance " honorary decoration " series, " imitate life " series, " NBA LIVE " series and " Yun Si pauses cycle racing " series is waited a moment. A batch of outstanding composer contributed hundreds Orphean music for EA, for instance Sean Callery, Michael Giacchino, Chris Lennertz, Trevor Jones and Mark Mothersbaugh are waited a moment. Let us see the table below, thank these composer to grace for our game that plays!

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