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Dispatch of new idle fund: Castrate of spay of Lang castrate of spay chooses da
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Belle v/arc drillmaster " search search "

Numerous in search " she " a thousand times

Suddenly turn one's head

That belle wanes to the close in lights however place.

Whose person does not think the belle chase after, award which do not want. " Ⅱ of home of border of suitable You Xing " the desire that belle v/arc drillmaster searchs an activity to satisfy you greatly!

Mobile time: On October 29, 30 days, everyday 19: 00 begin

Mobile regulation: V/arc drillmaster of the belle when the activity will appear and disappear erratically in some area, but their track every other can have systematic declared clew for some time. Everybody together " search search search " , look for the trace of belle v/arc drillmaster, and with the fastest with the trade player of speed, can win rich and generous award.

Everyday mobile belle v/arc drillmaster can give out 20 gift, the rate that wants you only is quite rapid, so the award of overflow is yours!

List of belle v/arc drillmaster:

Astral young woman, Sailinna

Astral young woman, An Na

Astral young woman, dew Ni inferior

Astral young woman, shellfish is pulled

Astral young woman, Ni Ya

Astral young woman, Oman is amounted to

Astral young woman, Bei Lin is amounted to

Astral young woman, Yidisi

Astral young woman, Li is graceful

Astral young woman, beautiful

You, what still waiting for! Will play at once " Ⅱ of home of border of suitable You Xing " !

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