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Dispatch of new idle fund: Deceive of scald of firm old man fights bath of M Re
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The game of Q edition, the player inside wants Q edition to arrive not just acme, even BOSS people also want Q edition to arrive lovely, let players cannot bear the heart starts to adjudicate on.

" frenzied group is right " in game mode, having is challenge BOSS. Will challenge corresponding BOSS according to the actual strength of player oneself. The players that still can seek cherish the same ideals and follow the same path enter a room together to BOSS declare war. Well-prepared can take all sorts of gout stage property more.

When all be all set, large contingent is in " frenzied group is right " after opening a room that challenges BOSS, be in when players when seeing BOSS moment, began to regret. BOSS, lu Fei, female, 17 years old, disposition enthusiasm is tender, complaisant to every guest. BOSS, joy, male, 15 years old, single cell body, nerve is big, similar cherry wood spends eddy of He Ming's person. BOSS, jia Ling, female. 19 years old, sly pretty small princess, love acts like a spoiled child love make trouble. These 3 minor children will become BOSS, still have assistant of whose give the heart to. Look, players can happy challenge each type game together with BOSS, by KO the thing that also is a joy.

" frenzied group is right " all players are right of BOSS lenient but let commanders the head is big. Nobody challenges BOSS, be the problem that should face unemployment? These days, the BOSS in game people very low-key, be in discuss a major programme of lasting importance under the counter, researching new-style weapon, with instigating again PK desire of the player.

After all " frenzied group is right " commanders can bring a player how surprise, after all " is frenzied group right " is game wonderful to how Where is degree?

Go up line look one look, get offline be reluctant to part with.

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