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Dispatch of new idle fund: Money of?Q of shovel season earth " game life " absol
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" game life " attention of all absolutely new personality! "Life " will send again meet ceremony oh ~ wants you only is " life " absolutely " new student " , and login according to clew " life " , 5Q money is you immediately! Everybody has a share, never come to nothing! And this activity more prepared close arrangement, getting Q money, you still can get " upgrade " service, exceed bright overflow! Ceremony of gather give oneself airs comes over on the horse!

Mobile time:

On October 31, 2008 ~ November 30, 2008 every weekend (Zhou Wu, 6, day)

Mobile content:

The first pace: During the activity, we make sure the player wants to be accorded with at the same time only the following two conditions, can obtain 5 Q money.

A: Install on this computer first " game life " the client is carried (installation also can enter an activity only for many times! )

B: Must be the flint pass that registers newly during the activity, had not played previously " game life " .

Accord with these two conditions, the member that bag of great gift of green card of village of dish seeking course is distributed (133, 152) dialog, input green Kadali to wrap activation code to be able to get green Kadali to wrap, obtain 3 times experience to reward oh ~ green Ka Dali wraps activation to pile up: SC0000

Choice " get an outfit head to ascend award " , can win the award of 5Q money immediately, go to collection in game mailbox the systematic post that contains Q money to be piled up to the value.

The 2nd pace: During the activity head the game account part that records an outfit reachs 5 level, can arrive green Ka Dali of food food village wraps the member that distribute (133, 152) get experience to raise 10 level directly.

The 3rd pace: The player that finished an outfit head to ascend reachs 10 level during the activity, will obtain award forehead to be respectively " 10Q money " and " 30Q money " two lottery opportunity.

Mobile award:

Huge Q money


1. This second activity basically is aimed at " head ascend an outfit " new player, old player is not made participate in.

2. Player of win a prize in a lottery will get systematic mail in game, the account of embedded Q money, password, save time to be 7 days, ask a player to be sure to be in effective

Period inside undertake developing a value, exceed the time limit is not in charge of without exception.

Appreciate your attention and support, information of more and newest game is asked close and advertent our latest news.