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Dispatch of new idle fund: DNB of game of Eb of small 稺 of massacre of a silk a
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What be setting with subject matter of western strange unreal is former start strategic webpage game " dragon and bumpkin " (DNB) enter measure timing level. This year in the winter, DNB general and all player challenge severe cold together. On November 3 of open measure an activity, will use rich and generous great gift brings a surprise to you ceaseless! Of having a unique style seal those who measure activity, craftsmanship to be provided alone measure great gift, deserve to go up the game content of wonderful stimulation, DNB can let you burn with righteous indignation certainly, real sense gets " not quite cold this winter! Real sense gets " not quite cold this winter!!

" dragon and bumpkin " (DNB) with its only the beautiful picture, warfare system that exceeds dazzle, drew the attention of countless players. The picture of DNB regards a metal as key-press with stone carving, brass, with delicate strange unreal horological and gem is enchased etc as interfacial element, emphasize the simple sense of luster and dark picture style. The warfare system of DNB is more exquisite also politic sex. The multiple heroic skill choice in game, changeful arm of services combines collocation, be extremely scarce in webpage game. Seal as DNB draw near what measure increasingly, players were full of to game expect.

Be opposite to thank broad player the care of DNB, DNB is being sealed after measuring open, will develop the activity on the line of rich and colorful in succession, let a player be in experience DNB while game is wonderful, can harvest a lot of surprise more!

Player of treasure, IPod, elegant shine put... whether had you one'sed mind disturbed? Participate in DNB to seal measure an activity, bag of large award ceremony is hands-down!

Double great gift the first artillery piece: Measure great gift bag

"Had taken " dragon and bumpkin " is set limit to sealed measured activation to pile up? "Had taken " dragon and bumpkin " is set limit to sealed measured activation to pile up??

"Yes! "Yes!!

Land game so quickly. Seal in game during measuring, land game, construction hero of feudal, recruit, expansion is military, make an ideal home that belongs to oneself! The heroic grade that becomes you achieves particular demand, can get DNB measure great gift bag!


1, date of every activation Zhang can be gotten only;

2, the heroic grade of player recruit needs to achieve 2 class above;

3, advocate feudal as feudal as cent cannot win resource award at the same time.

Double great gift the 2nd artillery piece: Lucky big lottery

Are you the inapproachable favour ascendant of that envy letting a person?

Land our game, expansion is feudal, strong hero of army brigade, promotion... achieve 2 class above when heroic grade, you can participate in activity of lucky big lottery! IPod player, elegant shine put, wait for you to take! Perhaps you are the cosset that that lucky goddess is sentimentally attached to!
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