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Dispatch of new idle fund: Ton of Duo of Li Sui Fan Zanmo ∩ has mark
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Chinese chess has long history, it is a kind of old riddle, people often appears the philosophic theory of a few life through be joined to play chess, will raise oneself awareness ability, thinking ability and life fun. Chess and musical instrument, book, picture is paratactic 4 great skill, appeal is decorous, static in have move, having boundless fun and charm, it is the Chinese nation the gem of bright culture. There had been the account about chess in period of the Warring States, inchoate chess, it is indicative a kind of game that fights at that time.

" vassal " in place of new personality experienced class is not had there is a tremendous chess chessboard near cereal eventually, this chessboard is so-called " the world the first bureau " ! A castle can let 5 adults stand above, can be imagined chessboard has how old, a castle needs move how many internal force! Be in " the world the first bureau " on to play chess, it is physical strength and mental double test!

In remembering some chess manual, write have a paragraph to manage: The chess does not have on any account, bearing the first, do not be born not to die, unripe life and death is dead, be like,come loose quicksand, if midge glimmerings,get together, defend first do not be versed in, late and boundless, attack first do not defend, its are used not secondary. Row child be like running water, get the better of idle front courtyard round. Ignorant, get the better of however sober, careful calculation and strict budgeting, surely one is break. The bosom is like glen, but enemy Hai Chuan, be in a dilemma, emphatic, defend by force attack infirmly, phasic bump is gone against, hold concurrently benevolence wisdom, what dare inapproachable...

This word included issue of state of mind, add child tactics, give up a rook to save the king -make minor sacrifices to safeguard major interests, abandon child go to situation etc. Actually these are a drop in the sea in chess art nevertheless. The marrow of the quintessence of a country, rely on everybody " vassal " the player will continue! !

Believe everybody knows certainly red last year the day that shows half the sky produces cartoon " DEATH NOTE " author small 畑 be good at, is that small 畑 be good at make famously " chess fetch " how much does everybody understand? " chess fetch " medium assist is what dream for pursuit " one of gods ability " , after be being persecuted, get on oneself incorporeal seal in chessboard...

Though " the world the first bureau " the soul like going up to was like assist, but have and the chess that assist is same persistence is crazy! The person that the challenge comes to before Muming everyday in an endless stream. "Order army, become one party vassal! " how to come in and go out without intelligence without ability without actual strength battlefield! How command deputy will! Go looking for chess crazy challenge, prove oneself!

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