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Dispatch of new idle fund: 紹 OSS is celebrated attack kill " Kunlun OnWeb " who
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"Kunlun the first Trojan -- heavy gold offer a reward makes " the activity begins to still be less than a week, "Corrode " the players that suffer heroism's fierce aggression, and " corrode " medium Wang Zhe, also faced the challenge of numerous elite players, s1 10 complete person of incomparable, S4 is in the world of 9 beauty, S2 instinctive quality of hero of the four seas of freely of all corners of the country, S5, S6 has player group in succession the team beat place to belong to grade " corrode " in Wang Zhe.

And the swordsman of S5 freely the four seas " Wu Long " , it is the ram with oneself reduced 51-60 level more paragraph " corrode " medium Wang Zhe -- of corrode advocate (" corrode " in Wang Zhe in all 3: Of the tooth of the shadow of corrode, corrode, corrode advocate) , become " Kunlun OnWeb " the first independence is attacked kill " corrode " in Wang Zhe's Trojan. After other server tightens therewith, s2 person is in the swordsman of all corners of the country " Now is small firm " , yesterday afternoon, same the force with oneself, force captures 51-60 level paragraph " corrode " in Wang Zhe -- of corrode advocate, become S2 first place to be attacked independently kill " corrode " in Wang Zhe's brave person.

Our Trojan people still continueing, or group group, or Gu body is entered " corrode " hunt is killed " corrode " in Wang Zhe.

Meanwhile, kunlun mainland the whole nation is joyful, the whole people is celebrated joyously hand in hand had attacked killed " corrode " in Wang Zhe's Trojan people return, to celebrate numerous a brave and strong man people lift gallantly, kill to celebrate the first independence to attack " corrode " in Wang Zhe's Trojan, since also beginning to celebrate an activity, successive two weeks appear to be attacked independently kill " corrode " in Wang Zhe's feat. We decide, on October 30, all servers, give a player times doubler experience award!

Mobile time: On October 30 13:30 -- 15:30

Mobile server: Kunlun is all server (contain: Development checks a server)

Mobile award: Times doubler experience

Mobile regulation:

1, all can obtain 2 hours in the player that the line gets on during the activity pair of times experience award;

2, times doubler experience condition won't conflict with pair of times experience condition of store prop, but overlay is used;

3, times doubler experience condition gets offline time of effect of same compute mode.

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