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" extraordinary the world " make an appointment together with you Allhallows! On October 31, the technology is sealed measure a server to open, await friend of each celestial being people join.

Celestial being and demon, it is contrary from of old; Firm and persistent force and powerful magic arts, it is the target of pursuit all the time.

Perhaps be in reality, wanting to make immortal and evil spirit is no good, but the world in network game, this is not tickler!

Celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct kind the net swims " extraordinary the world " it is the 3D that by Hangzhou last a period of time of company of 5 dapple network makes 2 years gigantic make, fang Xiuzhen is setting into celestial being to the south of game, with catering to broad player simply amusedly. The nurturance of a magic weapon, of divine animal control, fierce learns the long be used to of secret book, still have the construction that pays friendly, familial interest, and the PK that exceeds bright fights, these are in " extraordinary the world " can experience.

Pan Gu since the beginning of the history, female Wa filling day, big Yu Zhishui. Demon infestation, terrestrial catastrophe. Divide the right season or time of demon defend conventional moral principles!

The technology checks a server to open time: On October 31 15: 00

7 bounds are changeable, extraordinary the world whose celestial being!

Terrestrial group is after the 3 groups big fight of a soul-stirring, rehabilitate period of time. But everybody does not have expect, so quiet time is about in the end, because the cement group of block is opened, all everything exposes the person that enter in those before, and the entrance of 7 bounds is about to be found...

A magic weapon of the secret native place that loses to search those nowadays and bequeath of celestial being home, more to resist ab extra harrass, each gate clique been strengtheninging guard in full blast, have a few more wide receive chela, the situation is worse and worse, lack a signal only, big fight is about to erupt.

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