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On October 10, itinerary Shi Ju makes homebred 3D net " evil spirit contend for hegemony " rise to surface eventually, be perfect in every way is male measure flourishing age arrival! And hot circumstance simply beyond everybody's expect, all instant of 25 groups of servers explodes full! To satisfy the requirement that more player lands, begin to compete in same scratch line to let new player, the preparation of 3 areas is undertaking telecommunication in full blast in.

To acknowledge broad user is opposite for quite a long time " evil spirit contend for hegemony " support, on October 31! Evil spirit is thankful fine time be about to hot on line! A shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China of new old division, hair, evil spirit is thankful fine time! Be thankful as evil spirit the first artillery piece of fine time, 3 areas will be in brand-new telecommunication on October 31 13: 14 comprehensive and fervent open. Array is brand-new the server awaits demoniac god Trojan people into halt. In the meantime, will more than 40 activities add the hour that celebrates joyously to this, 24 hours of uninterrupted activities undertake, round-the-clock all-around mobile bomb, let you be intoxicated in the jubilation atmosphere of fine time absolutely, cannot help doing sth!

The day that evil spirit contend for hegemony grows, it is the happiest life in lifetime, the happiest days, the happiest hour, and never meet this joy, happily, happily cease, because evil spirit contend for hegemony can continue to grow all the time, continue to expand, continue to bring the content with more wonderful more to us. Let us raise one's head and look in order to long for, a when expect evil spirit contend for hegemony another surprise, another brilliant! The activity is joyful, give ceremony joy, fine time jubilation! This fair measure gain such success, cannot leave the support of broad player friend and deep love, the heart feels hereat, we can roll out the game content with better more, with redound the support of broad player friend and deep love!

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