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The TA that sitting to heat up balloon encounter romantically to admire in the heart? Keep beautiful Eden memory by pig of lovely flying Apsaras in all? Do you have had wanted to take drive can you also meet unexpectedly romantic love? Yearning? Expect? " game life " romantic drive a horse to go up to serve for you " bend affection travels special number of a eriodical " -- surprise in wind predestined relationship!

Sweet little hint: The part order and degree that wants you only is full 30 class, can reach boreal lake city the car looks for Tian Deng all right (38, 22) buy drive. Different city can offer an alternative drive also can differ, as part grade rise, you can choose drive also can jump over much. Want to send a car to be about to ramble more to beautiful eyebrow " life " the car inn in oh!

Steam ball -- Jing grand dekko, I was bumped into by love waist

Take steam ball, romantic feeling is self-evident. When cool breeze raise sends silk, go up in steam ball downward Jing grand dekko, the predestined relationship that that TA that perhaps lets you and determined by fate indissolubles below the knot oh ~ ~

BMW -- foal of city good people, extremely fast " soubrette "

Like the friend of urbanism, BMW will be you those who issue happiness of half a lifetime is important assure -- sitting BMW goes for a spin on wide path, whether does next corner office have so is a TA in waiting for you?

Flying Apsaras pig -- sit " pig " swim city, become with TA most grab a pair of the eye

Someone says, the person in love can become child, since such, we why not innocent after all? Sit with TA lovely flying Apsaras pig has a good swim one time to amusement park! Lovely of bright look drive will let you become most a pair when grab an eye oh ~ ~

Pumpkin car -- achievement " prince and princess " fairy tale

Should preparation enter marital hall? So let us taking pumpkin car to marriage to register place register go! Had witnessed in this fokelore " princess and princely and happy life " " small pumpkin " the marriage that perhaps can be us leaves good blessing ~ ~

"Science fiction is lovely and free " " game life " by flint software own research and development, it is had " car of handsome name of originality home, cruel, weapon is transformed, essence of life bestows favor on synthesis " 4 large window, of lovely picture, original design, free innovation play a law to get broad player greatly to love.

On October 29 " game life " roll out production ceremoniously to check, rich and interesting appreciate a point, let a player fondle admiringly. On October 24 " life " open report to believe footprint of green wild celestial being, net to connect meteoric garden again two new servers, the situation is hot! And whenever Zhou Wu, 6, day 20: 00 ~ 22: 00 take more big completely times doubler, exceed bright to exceed good game to the experience will make you happy and forget to return! Play now turn " game life " , wonderful and ceaseless, surprise great gift you are taken!
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