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Dispatch of new idle fund: of of ǎ of Di of hill of of Fei of Pi of entangle
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" wind and cloud of the Three Kingdoms " autumn updates the job to had been in each server divides the government batch undertook in succession, newer plan already passed whole half.

This autumn included numerous and brand-new content newlier, the encounter system that by war of country of · of war of city of individual battle · for instance activity of 3 great wars forms, extended fierce to be able to employ the system skill book system of the gender further for instance, still have a lot of brand-new prop, brand-new function in addition, game interface also can upgrade as this and look brand-new.

Be opposite to understand more player the opinion of these new content, " wind and cloud of the Three Kingdoms " special investigation was made in government-owned net.

The result that investigates this makes clear, the support that each big entire new content won a lot of players -- of course, the player proportion that supports each content is endless and same.

In new content, the most welcome is the city war that the government also spreads energetically and country battle. Regard encounter as main component of the system, city war and country battle is special aggrandizement the activity of PVP element. In designation time paragraph inside, take a player to be centered completely same a city is medium mutual fight closely. Because enter a town,battle can obtain battle and country to get game treasure hard at ordinary times, ultimate winner can obtain covet making a person more the levy right of 3 feet, passion of every player all without exception that shares an activity is so insurgent, be in to wonderful award situation must!

The 2nd welcome is individual battle, this also is encounter department integrates a strong component. Mix at city war relatively country battle, individual battle deflection at PVE, it is the system that can allow a player to amuse oneself. Through entering individual battle, the player can brush all sorts of skill books, still can obtain a lot of experience to be worth. Plunder compared with the whole day the dead sheep that did not resist force comes, individual battle has challenge sex more, more interesting also.

As to skill book system, the sound beautiful man that investigates this is it! Those who regard fierce general as the system extend content, skill counted a system to offer taller freedom to spend for the player, make a player OK and optional develop the connecting with the boxing skill that has a variety of powerful technical ability will. If say " wind and cloud of the Three Kingdoms " it is a strategy on the whole kind SLG, so the connecting with the boxing skill that added skill book system the system it is a diminutive Yo shapes SLG.

Of course, turnip green vegetables loves somewhat each. Perhaps be in your memory, about new system outstanding spent rank is not such, or the content that you still fail to experience these are brand-new. So, welcome the opinion that you publish you oneself to forum of official website, government, join game to experience the fun of these new content personally.
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