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" hare bends over Caesarean " already at 28 days afternoon 16: Measure inside 00 formal open, all hare meals people can land " hare bends over Caesarean " government-owned net registers Zhang name and get activation to pile up activation Zhang date to be entered inside in measuring.

" hare bends over Caesarean " (English name " Tupa Empire " ) , it is the strategy of Q edition cartoon that by native land Xin Rui recreation of rainstorm of network game company develops kind webpage game.

Story happening is on the mainland that looks like a turnip together, play protagonist is a flock of lovely bunny, their cent belongs to Ma elegant, Aciteke, imprint the South America that adds 3 to differ is ancient Yindian is tribal. What the player acts in game is the mayor of barren hamlet village in a selva, pass oneself elaboration, establish a powerful tribe, rely on the method such as diplomacy and war, him escalate sphere of influence, beat the tribe of bunny of the other on the mainland, build finally " hare bends over Caesarean " .

" hare bends over Caesarean " took strategy kind the integral style of webpage game. The player does not need to staring at game picture constantly, and need every to issue a few necessary statements for some time too merely, the dot nods a mouse, go doing oneself one's proper business next, work for example. Play so " hare bends over Caesarean " the job with won't be affected completely regular and study, still can see a flock of lovely bunny jump to jump on screen, relaxed and happy do not miss game fun again.

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